Moedeloos vir Vet Wees



After 27 years of research Dr Roberts formulated this amazing weight loss Solutions. Our products is all 100% Natural plant extracts. It is 100% safe to use with medication, whether you have high blood pressure or a breastfeeding mom!
We have a range of products that really work.

Why 8 weeks programmes?
Your metabolism took 8 weeks to recover back to normal after bad habits and wrong lifestyles.

There are 100’s of people on our SAiCS programmes and they are doing good!
The big secret is – stick to out meal plans for so long as possible, use the drops correct, and listen to our advise!!

We are looking forward in guiding you on this journey!!

Our programme is safe to use from the age of 6 years and up to old people.
It is never to late to start your weight loss programme!

If you have the will – we have the way!!