A 3-in-1 gel to complete the body sculpture program – rejuvenating
scrub and helps get rid of water retention and cellulite.

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    A 3-in-1 gel to complete the body sculpture programme – rejuvenating scrub and helps get rid of water retention and cellulite.Normal weight loss will help HOWEVER, a more rapid and specific treatment like Cellu-retic is the quick solution. The active concentrated ingredients, mixed with aroma therapy oils penetrates the skin to work on the problem areas. It will leave the skin radiant, with a tingling sensation as well as healthy glow. A special diet with fresh celery, water melon and lots of water will speed up the results. Limit (or even better – eliminate_ alcohol and caffeine intake.
    • CELLULITE:Is a build-up of waste materials in the body tissues, creating various pockets of water, fat, impurities and encouraging the formation of “Sludge” in the blood leading to circulation problems.
    • WATER RETENTION:Is Swelling of body parts occur when water leaks from the blood and accumulate in the tissues. Puffiness of the feet and ankles is the most common sign of water retention. The medical term for this condition is oedema, earlier known as dropsy. Mild water retention, with swollen ankles and a general bloated feeling occurs when circulation is slow. This can happen after a long period of sitting or standing in the same position. The circulation may also be affected because of varicose veins or even the tight elastic top of socks or underwear. Women who suffer from premenstrual tension/stress (PMS), may notice weight gain, puffy ankles and swollen/sensitive breast during the week or so before a period begins.
    • Apply daily on the problem areas, directly after a bath or shower.
    • Massage into your thighs, abdomen, buttocks, ankles, under the arms and chin.
    • Massage with long firm strokes from your hands upwards to you underarms as well as from your feet upwards to you hips.
    • This aids the lymphatic drainage.
    • If possible – lie down for twenty minutes with your feet raised above the level of your buttocks and your hands above shoulder level.
    • Do not use too much at a time. The skin can only absorb a limited amount.
    • Use daily for maximum results.
    Aroma therapy oils

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